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Chief Patron

Saleh Abdulla M Al-Sulaiti

We believe that Qatar deserves the best always. With this belief, we are striving to make the best education available to the students in Qatar. We are happy to introduce Patrician to Qatar, who are managing well reputed and top notch schools across the globe for past 200 years. Olive International School is envisioned as per the Qatar National Vision 2030, to increase the human potential in Qatar by providing quality education and ensuring holistic development of students. This would be achieved through different programs we are introducing for the first time in Qatar. Olive International School brings the opportunity for the parents to introduce their children to new way of thinking and an opportunity for the students to learn to live.

We welcome you to explore the Olive International School!


Davis Edakulathur

It is a dream come true for us; a long cherished dream of bringing difference to education system in Qatar for the expatriate community. We believe school is not just about educating students, but enabling them to be good citizens. We are striving to achieve this through bringing ¬†together right mix of people, program and organizations. Focus is not only on developing student’s knowledge, capabilities but also values and wisdom.

We thank all those who encouraged and supported us, especially the Supreme Education Council and various Government Departments.

We cordially invite you to explore Olive International School and experience the difference.