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Uniqueness of OIS

The Legacy

Olive International School (OIS) provides an opportunity to be part of a leading International School in Qatar

Optimum Teacher-Student Ratio

Careful attention is given to each student’s individual learning needs. Regular monitoring and mentoring of students supports their development from the day one in the School. Class room sizes will be limited to 25 students, with state of art learning facilities.

Safe learning environment

The School offers attractive and pleasant classroom with modern furniture and amenities fitted with latest technology equipment and safety/security feature that are conducive for happy learning. It encourages each student to achieve excellence by learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together in harmony, there by enable them to be valued contributors to the global community.

Latest Teaching Methodology

Academics pattern their teaching methodology to encourage the students’ creativity, and self learning habits. OIS offers dynamic and varied extracurricular program for overall development. Leadership and team spirit are fostered through a house system that generates respect, commitment, responsibility.

Good Quality Teachers

This is of primary concern of every parent. OIS has a good blend of experienced teachers from various Patricians Schools in India, together with qualified teachers recruited from various other Schools across India.

Music and Art

Life does not stop with Sports and studies at OIS. Music and Art form part of curriculum. After school activities cater to the interest of the Music and Art lovers who want to peruse their passion. See our Music and Art Curriculum and schedules for more details.

Physical Education

Studies have established that daily involvement in vigorous physical activities can result in improved physical fitness and health, increased social awareness and improved academic performance. OIS has teamed up with Sportspro a professional sports education and coaching body that provide comprehensive sports education program that allows children to nurture and develop sports, athletic and gymnastic skills that will greatly enhance their learning potential and daily lives. See Sportspro for more details.