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A Well Planned Academic Curriculum

Our focus is to make your child an independent, confident learner. Therefore more attention is given to freethinking, understanding and actual learning and less to memorization and copying. In the XSEED method children are encouraged to think and write in their own words instead of from the blackboard. At Olive’s, we believe in providing a complete academic solution to your child. We believe in raising the student’s performance by building quality teaching inside the classroom. With XSEED, children demonstrate a better grasp of core concepts and perform better on reasoning and application based tests.

Every Child is Different

Research has shown that not everybody learns in the same way. Some prefer experiments, some like lectures, some like to analyze and make hypotheses while some like to feel and experience for themselves.

Celebrate the Difference

A typical class invokes the experience that the children have gone through themselves. They are then made to reflect on the experience, followed up by analysis/assessment. The children form hypotheses and make theories which they validate or disprove through experimentation. When children learn how to apply their knowledge in a completely new situation the learning cycle is completed taking every type of learner along the experience.

Objective Assessment

Through the use of rubric, student assessment is kept objective. With the evaluation of tasks at every critical juncture, the assessment is also kept formative. The summative assessment at the end of the unit then feeds into the learning and developmental goals for the next unit or lesson. The Assessment takes a wider view of the child’s capabilities and ensures that the unique talents and skills of every child get showcased.

Teacher Training

The School shall provide training in instructional techniques and grade room management. The program introduces the teachers to the latest in learning theory and innovative teaching. Through assignments of microteaching and group activities, the training makes sure that unlike most other teacher training workshops, the learning stay with the teachers.