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Primary School

Primary Years – Grades 1 to 5: 6 to 10 years

The conceptual understanding of children is built on the Constructivist theory where in children construct their own understanding and knowledge by experiential learning and reflection of their learning adhering to the five cycles of learning of explore, engage, explain, extend and evaluate. It also weaves in the 21st century learning skills like communication, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and leadership.

Living is experienced as an integrated whole. Real life cannot be compartmentalized into neat disciplines. To live successfully, one needs skills that cut across the disciplines. Curriculum integration is about students making connections and seeing real purposes for their learning.

The teaching learning process revolves around 5 integrated Units of Learning. All the themes have inquiry based learning at heart. Inquiry is essentially exploring, wondering, questioning, experimenting, researching and elaborating solution to the problems.

The children are given opportunity to respond to various stimuli wherein they engage and construct their concepts.

Each concept is presented to the children in a variety of ways so that all kinds of learners are able to grasp the concept.

Young children are naturally curious. By stimulating this curiosity, we develop cognitive processes that form a solid foundation for future learning.