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Principal’s Message

Dr. Jackson M.V

Acting Principal

Greetings from Principal’s desk!

“Let children come to me, do not stop them.” These holy words of substance and blessings lead the teaching community of the world. Let’s respect the will, wish and right of our children, opting the best possible schooling which we can give them. Let it be the best school where they can have the right beginning. Your choice must be the right school that offers and ensures the holistic development of each child.

Olive International School functions keeping its motto “LUX MENTIS LUX ORBIS” – ‘The light of the mind.’ ‘The light of the world’

To ensure what is offered – the holistic development of the child – Olive implements OBE – The Outcome-Based Education. In Olive, along with CLOs (the Course Learning Outcomes), the SLOs (the Student Learning Outcomes ) are also being attained.

During the present pandemic time, Olive has learned and taught its students how to turn challenges into opportunities. The ‘students centred education’ we provide is well accepted. The maxim -The CBSE Board forwarded- has become true in Olive and in the homes of Olivians. C B S E declared that “Schooling is complete only if the learning is complemented at home too.”  Our Blended Learning and Online learning ensure this concept. Olive welcomes all young and enthusiastic students to have a right beginning at the right place and to feel free to consider Olive as their second home.


A hearty welcome to Olive International School!

Best Wishes!